The Indian Lootometer has achieved a significance and a subsequent definition on its own in various Indian cities over the years. Here is a rundown.

A decorative item which usually appears on the left side railing of the vehicle and is generally used for Rajnikanth stickers.

A device which virtually shows a figure that is inversely proportional to the level of expertise in the only Indian artform that will never be short of proponents - bargaining.

An electronic device that is immune to water and electricity shortage, floods, bomb blasts and Thackeray fatwas threats despite its reportedly dubious conversion rates based on the type of fuel used. As some big Hollywood stars will reckon.

Antique device used to enhance the vintage value 17th century vehicles that runs in 3 wheels.

A custom designed device which shows a figure that increases exponentially based on the strategic positioning of a ‘software patch’.

And all of you who doesn’t have an ‘I got fleeced by a rickshaw driver’ story ready to be published yet, just keep an eye on the lootometer next time you take a rickshaw to get home – and never underestimate the risk of having to sell your home by the time you reach there.

And don’t get lured into a fight. The inventor of the meter was reportedly thrown in to River Thames by angry cab drivers because they didn’t like the idea of a machine declaring the fare charge. So what chance have you got?

Bol: I have given up trying to complain about the worsening situation in Bangalore to the authorities. You might want to give it a try.

Original Photo courtesy: Namalzir


  1. Lirun said...
    fine ill just have to follow you here then..
    Lirun said...
    who told u to stop posting

    Ujj said...
    oh boy..! am coming on bangalore in 2 days and I get to read this !

    love the artwork on the blog. really awesome.
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