The War of Hyperlinks

I am right and you are wrong.

Priests talk about Nine Inch Nails, doctors lecture on graphic design and 10-year old kids pass off as historians - all in a clicks work to Wikipedia. You would have thought the word ‘quick’ doesn’t make much sense to some lazy islanders, but apparently the translation for the word in a Hawaiian language is 'wiki' which has somehow become synonymous with the virtues of painstaking research and dedication being made obsolete by 'makeshift Wiki experts'.

Maybe people can't be bothered anymore to go the battlefield shouting stupid war slogans (save Prince Harry). Fundamentalists, liberals, communists, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, criminals, narcissists, atheists and the multi-faceted Anons are in in no mood to wait for the water to dry up. They are already busy fighting the Next World War - with hyperlinks.

There won’t be any bloodshed though. Just bandwidth.


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